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About the place: 

A small sparkling village located in Bankura district of West Bengal. In Bengali, Jhilimili means sparkle or twinkle. The place is sparkling indeed. Located on the top of a small hillock, the very green village is full of dense forest with Shawl, Shagoon and some other big trees and is surrounded by fre flowing hilly streamlets and a river nearby. The soil is full of biotite mica. The river sand, the streamlets, the mica and the shawl trees make the place sparkle in the dark. A superb destination for spending two or three days.

You will find very dense forests in the surrounding area, namely Sutan, Taleberia. Taleberia has a beautiful reservoir cum lake. There are elephants, but mostly harmless and can be befriended. The local people are friendly. Walking down the streamlets through the forest will be a memorable experience. During March, April and May, many trees blossom in full red and yellows and the scenery then is magnificent. The local rituals and fold music of this area are in good harmony with the surrounding nature. Locals play very rhythmic beats in their percussion instrument "Madal" which goes in perfect harmony with the local folk songs.


Jhilimili is located at 22.8167°N 86.6167°E. It has an average elevation of 228 metres (748 ft). Jhilimili is located on the banks of Kangsabati River, is about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Mukutmanipur,80 kilometres (50 mi) from Bankura, 36 kilometres (22 mi) from Khatra and 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Ranibandh.

A travel from Ranibandh to Jhilimili offers a magnificent revelation to impressive forest of changeable heights on both sides on the route. The Kangsabati flows through this forest and its banks are an ideal picnic spot. The watchtower at Jhilimili offers a commanding view of the surrounding area.[4] Jhilimili is a quiet place, and makes for a pleasant getaway for city-dwellers.


During mid-January, Tusu parab is celebrated. Goddess Tusu is worshipped. Santhals organise village fairs during Makara Sankranti. Myths heard from generations says once a King had two daughter Jhili & Mili . Based on their daughter name the location is identified as Jhilimili .

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West Bengal
How to reach: 

By Rail: There are motor able roads which connect Jhilimili with Kolkata, Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar and Tatanagar. All these places are big railway junctions. It takes 8 hours to reach this place from Kolkata by road and five hours from Kharagpur.

By Bus:  There are daily overnight buses from Kolkata to Khatra, subdivision head quarter in Bankura district. From Khatra, buses ply to Jhilimili through Ranibandh every half an hour. There is one more daily bus from Kolkata to Bandwan from where it takes half an hour to reach Jhilimili.

By Car: You can drive from Kolkata or Kharagpur or Asansol, major part of the road comes under National Highway and some kilometers will be through district roads. From Kolkata, there are two options, one through Hooghly - Arambagh - Bishnupur and another through Kolaghat - Goaltorh.

Important Places to Visit: 

There are few nearby. Mukutmanipur is one such in the banks of Kangsabati river and near the Kangsabati barrage. Nice place to spend one day.

Where to stay: 

Very few options are there. The only one good choice is the Jhilimili Tourist Lodge. If you face difficulty in finding an accommodation, contact us at

Eat and Drink: 

There are a few small eateries in the hill top. They serve rice and chicken curry if you ask them But they need prior intimation. Five sweet shops are there. The local "Rasagulla" is worth eating, specially when served hot.

Best time to visit: 
Tips to travellers: 
  1. Carry sufficient mosquito repellent.
  2. Must carry high power torch, at least one per person.
  3. Carry strong pair of shoes.
  4. Don't try to make fun with the local people. If you establish that your intentions are good, they are the best and most helpful people.
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